Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Definition of the week: Man Crush

I must clear something up. A certain friend of mine has misused this term, not going to name names, (ehem, Trina) and I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.
Man Crush : When a straight man has a "crush" on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.

Many straight men end up having man crushes on Johnny Depp (I don't blame them).

Classic example: Barry Piser has a man crush on Gary Cohn, a newspaper reporter who has mad Pulitzer-Prize-winner-skills and the ability to talk sports. And I must mention the crush is/was mutual.

Barry Piser

Gary Cohn

Important note: This, in fact, means that females do not have man crushes.


KATIE_NEWMAN14 said...

So do girls have "Girl Crushes"??

Rosey said...

NO. Not yet. Maybe someday. :P

Mindy said...

I was told once that a guy had a man crush on me. Does that make me a man?

Barry said...

A) I really like the photo of Gary you found. I still have the man crush.

B) I think girl crushes are possible.

C) Mindy ... It is impossible for the guy to have a man crush on you; the term was misused. So he just had a crush on you and your womanhood is intact.

jenny said...

I think that a female can have a "man-crush."

Logic: What about lesbians? It's worth noting (if noting at all) that the "crushee" is not the sex associated with the "crusher's" orientation.

So, gay men can have "fem-crushes" and lesbians can have "man-crushes."

Anonymous said...

No. Girls are not allowed to nor can ever have girl crushes.

Because girls can do the girl-lesbionic relationship thing and get away with it as being "just girls".

Men can't kiss or hold hands or each other, without being called gay, so man crush or any semblance thereof, male or female, belongs to US MEN. So there.

** Oddly enough, the word verification word to enter this comment was "manduck"....

We won't even go there.