Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just got back from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference in Portland and I have to share this project I heard about there.

It is called RadioLingual, a Seattle-based multimedia project found in translation.

These two people from Seattle use a new tool that Google is coming out with called Google Voice , where you can record phone calls online.

What they do is they ask people a question, like, "What does it mean to open up a can of worms?" And then have people call in answers using the Internet. Last, they compile the answers into a radio piece.


-Yano said...

very cool.

Hammad said...

Hey, thanks for coming to the panel. I was pretty disappointed that the audio didn't work well, but glad the Google voice demo came through.

Btw, RadioLingual also takes suggestions for questions. If there's something about English, you want to ask, shout it out!