Sunday, June 1, 2008

Definition of the week: Power Animal Shirt

So, my roommate Mindy and I stumbled upon greatness this week when she purchased an animal t-shirt downtown at one of the tourist shops. We knew it was hot right off the bat. But she wore it one day while hanging out with her mom and returned to tell the stories of the power the shirt exudes. (Coming Soon!)
An animal t-shirt often sold at tourist shops in the U.S., most often printed with an airbrush look. Common Alaska prints include wolves howling at the moon, bears showing some teeth and eagles descending. If you take pictures of these shirts in the night, the power glows.

Example: Mindy is getting hit on all the time because she is rockin' the power animal T. And I heard she won a hula hoop contest because of its magic.

B.Meyers, Mindy and Rosey

Now, we all have one. And those of us who do not, get on it! But good luck trying to find one at a thrift store. I tried and came to the conclusion that when people buy a power animal T, they hold on to it. :D

Roland, Rosey, Lee, Mindy, and Alex

Rosey, Paul and Mindy

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Mariah said...

nice...maybe I should get a power animal shirt for my upcoming interview. Hmmmmm...

Rosey said...

Yah! Maybe under a nice cardigan. :P