Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Devil Whale (formally Palomino)

It has been a while since we have seen the guys of Utah's Palomino up north, maybe almost two years? Since their last appearance up here, the band has changed its name to The Devil Whale and released a ten-track album titled, "Like Paraders," a bulk of which can be previewed on the band MySpace.

I downloaded the album last night from Nimbit. I'm digging it, perhaps part nostalgia and part because The Devil Whale is a band of talented guys. Oh yah, and I like music about failure, deception and broken hearts by artists who most always see greener grass where they are not. Right now, I'm thinking "Butter for burns" and "If this house fails" are going to be my two favorites. But "Dirty mouth" and "Your love=Math" are also right up there.

And then there is this one, "Turn the car around." Here they are playing it live at their CD release party at Velour in Provo, Utah.

Who am I kidding? I like it all.



Lindsayland said...

Thank you for letting me know it's available! I've been waiting to get my hands on Dirty Mouth forever and Butter for Burns is awesome too!

Rosey said...

No problem. Cool. I was hoping this blog thing would work this way. :)

Man, when are those guys going to come back our way?!

Lindsayland said...

I don't know. Last time I knew of them being up here was like Jan/Feb 2007. I know they were busy with the album so maybe now they'll feel they need to come up here for some promoting. Summertime's perfect!