Sunday, April 27, 2008

A girl after my own heart.

My good friend Natasha sent me a link a few weeks back with the headline, "My jeans look great!" The link was to Dacia Ray's blog entry on how to hem your jeans, without making it look like they've been hemmed.


Dacia is a journalist in Seattle who loves crafts and putting food on the table. Her blog is full of entries like this, useful tips and stuff that just looks good.

Another friend, Alaina, is planning to try Dacia's skirt pattern this weekend. And I am, of course, thinking about the tote bag. Alaina says now that I am a full-time educator, I need a nice collection of tote bags. She got me one for Christmas. Ha, jeez...

Anyway, the blog is mostly girly stuff. But I might find something for the boys to do on craft nights.


KATIE_NEWMAN14 said...

I have been in dire need of a craft night :)

Rosey said...

I know! Don't worry. I have a feeling craft night is going to save me this summer. And as soon as you get weekends off, it is on!